What is digital reputation?

We understand Online Reputation as the evaluation and perception that Internet users acquire about people, brands or institutions, after examining and evaluating information related to them through digital media, mainly search engines on the internet (Google, Youtube, etc.) and social networks.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) consists of developing digital strategies aimed at improving the image and public perception of any brand on the internet. For over 20 years, at Centria, we have specialized in managing the digital reputation of countless clients.

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Why is reputational SEO important?

In the past, companies could shape customer perception through advertising in traditional mainstream media. Nowadays, practically any user or digital media can contribute to "creating" an image about something or someone in a short period of time by providing comments and opinions. Therefore, it is very important to work on Comprehensive Digital Strategies that go beyond traditional social media monitoring, with the aim of being able to professionally influence reputation and image on the internet.

With complex and advanced strategies and methodologies, negative results can be modified and eliminated or moved to deeper pages on Google. Within these results, we also include and audit images and videos on Google, news, forums, as well as mentions on different social networks.

Did you know…

78% of consumers say they ignore a brand if they find negative comments on digital media.

"My parents always reminded me that all you have in this life is your reputation: you may be rich, but if you have lost your reputation, you will have nothing" (Richard Branson).

At Centria Group, we monitor, protect, improve and manage personal or corporate reputation on the internet, as well as position content prominently in search engines.

Our experience covers over a hundred very sensitive cases in more than 20 countries, including public figures affected by the media, politicians or business people affected in their personal image, or brands punished by commercial crises or customer comments. In all cases, we have achieved very positive results for those affected.

Likewise, we are specialists in spreading content and news that deserve to be disseminated on search engines, always acting from the most complete ethics and truthfulness of information. We have a solid network of blogs and digital newspapers, unique in the market, through which we publish and disseminate corporate, institutional or personal content.

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Reputation and confidentiality

At Centria, we are extremely careful and discreet in matters related to the confidentiality of clients or brands for whom we manage digital reputation, as we are aware that it is a delicate and extremely important issue for them.

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