Digital reputation

What is digital reputation?

Digital reputation, also known as online reputation, is defined as the prestige of a person or brand on the internet. For more than 12 years, Centria has specialized in managing the digital reputation of countless people, brands, figures or public institutions, through digital tools and actions, mainly in search engines such as Google. At Centria we help you manage your online reputation, in case there is information that is harmful to your reputation in Google search results, in other search engines or on social networks.

Did you know…

70% of consumersdo not buy from companies that have 4 or more negative articles in Google search results.

Reputational SEO Concept

The results obtained in the Google search engine can be dramatic for a brand, company, legal or natural person, because if the results are negative, they are very difficult to eradicate. Negative results cause a very high CTR (number of clicks a link gets compared to its number of impressions in search results), which significantly damages the credibility and reputation of the affected people or brands..

With complex and advanced strategies and methodologies, such as clickbaiting, linkbuilding or black SEO, these results can be modified and eliminated or moved to more internal Google pages so that they do not affect negatively.

The objective is to move these negative results from the current page where you are, to deeper pages of Google, both in the interface of improving and optimizing digital reputation takes a lot of time and effort. Centria's Reputational SEO plans start with a digital reputation plan, in which we collect related information about the person, company or brand and continue with detailed follow-up work to determine whether or not said information affects their personal or business image..

Reputation and confidentiality

At Centria we are extremely careful and discreet in matters related to the confidentiality of clients or brands whose digital reputation we manage, since we are aware that it is a sensitive and extremely important topic for them.

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